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Aurèlia Muñoz

By 3 de enero de 2023febrero 15th, 2023No Comments

Shortly after leaving confinement, I went to visit an exhibition by this artist at the Galería José de la Mano. Aurèlia has a very interesting sculptural textile work linked to craftsmanship in which macramé, weaving and origami intermingle. All her work is oriented towards the dynamism of space. Aurèlia Muñoz abandoned the flat, smooth wall for the multidimensional forces and tensions that a body unfolds in space.

An interesting technical note is the use, in an updated version, of the knot or macramé technique. This is a knotwork technique in which the threads are knotted and crossed on the bias in four basic ways. According to the Arabic name, it has the meaning of ‘noble knot’ and a long tradition of use dating back to Assyrian-Babylonian clothing in the 8th century BC, with similar systems in Iberian civilisation.

I now read that in 2020 the MoMa added several of his works to its permanent collection.