We like jewellery that makes memories. We are interested in objects that last a lifetime. Our earrings are easy to wear and combine, but there are a few tips to make them last for years to come. These tips are so simple that even I have put them into practice.

— Nº 1

Light and dust are their enemies. When you receive your earrings you will find a little bag to keep your earrings in when you are not wearing them to protect them from dust.

— Nº 2

If you don't want to iron, try not to get them wet. They are protected against UV rays, which prevents fading from the sun; also with a water-repellent coating, they repel dirt and sweat.

— Nº 3

Don't go crazy, but be a little careful when wearing your crochet earrings. Some yarn can get caught in zips and other fastenings.

— Nº 4

Earrings, like dessert: leave them for last. Remember that make-up and creams damage metal components.

— Nº 5

If the metals darken or lose their shine, use a little metal cleaner. If you don't have metal cleaner, you can use some toothpaste.

— Nº 6

Avoid steam and humidity, crochet does not like saunas. Better kept in a jewellery box than in a bathroom drawer.

— Nº 7

Don't worry too much if you break any or all of these tips. Fashion is there to be lived and worn.

— Nº 8

Don't be overwhelmed, they are just pending. Caring is all about starting