Remember when Carrie in Sex and the City tried on that hideous wedding dress and suddenly she got itchy like she couldn't handle her body? Hives, pimples, an itch that went right through the screen. The poor girl had to have her dress ripped off.

When I turned 16, every time I wore earrings, whether they were "good" or bad, my ears would burn. First world problems: you can live without earrings, can't you? There were so many earrings I wanted to wear... small hoop earrings, with a Father Christmas, Toledo damascene... I wanted earrings. It took almost two decades, but I solved it. I started wearing surgical steel earrings. Shortly afterwards, my ear had decided that this strange object was already akin to it and allowed me to present it with other metals that were not steel, but silver, gold, gold-plated. A match. That was the beginning of my passion for earrings and of a collection that grows with every trip I make. This is how it was born Doblecrochéto bring a bit of craftsmanship to every wardrobe, jewellery box and wardrobe.

My name is Sandra, I am a part-time graphic designer and a full-time craftswoman.

Famous quotes:

- "My favourite trick to make sure no one notices that extra episode of Netflix I watched last night is to wear a powerful accessory that distracts from the dark circles under my eyes (better than makeup, I swear)."

Sandra -genius of the ruse-