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Alegres, cómodos (¡¡no pesan nada!!) y únicos, qué más se puede pedir 😊. Very much so. 360 million years ago the ferns rose. They prevailed when the dinosaurs perished, through and after extinction, stubbornly and virtually unchanged. According to fossil records, a fern of 180 million years ago was almost identical to its present-day descendants.

Now you can wear them in your ears. 

[Es una edición limitada, que viene en un packaging especial, muy probablemente los Fento no vuelvan a Doblecroché]

▫️ Detalles: hechos de 100% lino orgánico color verde pardo (o quizás lo llamas ¿verde militar?, ¿verde caza?) con fornituras de latón bañado en oro. Tamaño: 80mm x 45mm

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  1. Silvia

    Simply beautiful, my favourite earrings of my life. You can see the care with which they are made, it's a spectacular job. I really like that they have a very natural movement, it looks like you've put two real ferns in there. Fantastic 🙂

  2. Maria

    They were a very special gift. They are beautiful.

  3. Rubén

    A very welcome birthday present!

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